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Saving simulations to disk

You can use binary files to save simulations to a file and then later restore them from this file. All the particle data and the current simulation states are saved. Below is an example on how to work with binary files.

struct reb_simulation* r = reb_create_simulation();
// ... setup simulation ...
reb_integrate(r, 10); // integrate 
reb_output_binary(r, "snapshot.bin");

struct reb_simulation* r2 = reb_create_simulation_from_binary("snapshot.bin);
reb_integrate(r2, 20); // continue integration
sim = rebound.Simulation()
// ... setup simulation ...
sim = None # Remove reference, allow python to release memory

sim2 = rebound.Simulation("snapshot.bin")
sim2.integrate(2) # continue integration
sim2 = None 

Rather than using one file for one snapshot of a simulation, you can also use a Simulation Archive. A Simulation Archive is a collection of simulation snapshots stored in one binary file.